Welcome to my webpage!

I don't know how you heard about me. Maybe you prayed for Martin and me while we were in the jungle for a year. Maybe you've heard me speak. Maybe you just stumbled on to the website. Whatever brought you here, I hope you can find what you are interested in.

If we were sitting chatting over a cup of tea (Tetley being the preferred brand ), you would probably ask what most people get around to asking.

How are you doing?   "Fine. Well, better than fine. Really good! My life revolves around speaking and my family these days. The kids are doing well. Jeff, and his wife, Sarah, are back in the US after a term with Flying Mission Services in Botswana, Africa. They have settled in Rose Hill with their three children. Jeff instructs at Flight Safety in Wichita. My daughter, Mindy, and her husband, Andy, have also returned to live in Rose Hill. They have 2 little ones and Andy is the director of youth ministry at Metro East Baptist Church in Wichita. Zach is at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO getting a degree in Bible and music. CBC, by the way, is where Martin and I met. We got married in the beautiful chapel there! So it is nice that Zach is following in our footsteps! Zach keeps me laughing. A typical last born. God has been so good to us!"

Where do you live?   "In Rose Hill, Kansas in a beautiful, massive house built for us by the community. This is small town America at its best... wonderful folks, these Kansans!!"

What are you doing now?   "The years since my captivity have been unbelievable. I have spoken of my experiences in more places than I can recall. I have traveled from California to New York and from Texas to Canada (and even overseas!) in order to speak of God's grace to us. I have written a book about our hostage experience entitled, "In the Presence of My Enemies" which has sold more than 300,000 copies to date. I have also written a second book on the lessons which I have learned through my experience called "To Fly Again".

Would you ever consider going back to the Philippines?   "I've made a couple of trips back already. In August 2004, I made a trip back there when I was asked to testify. On another occasion my kids and I snuck back into the country without telling anyone so we could visit their beloved homeland again without a lot of media attention. We love the Philippines with all our hearts!!"

I wish I could meet with each one of you and tell you how much Martin and I appreciated your prayers for us while we were hostages. Every time you prayed... we needed it. And my children and I appreciate your continued prayers for us as we desire to be a family that God can use.

If you will visit the "News & Events" calendar section, I will seek to keep you informed of my speaking schedule, and also keep you updated on other significant things going on in our lives.

Come back often.


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